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Mental Health Awareness Month Reflection with Lucid Laces

Angelique and Drella of Lucid Laces
Angelique and Drella of Lucid Laces

Both Angelique and Drella have their own unique experiences around mental health and well-being. This is the case for everyone whether it is recognized or not which is why we at Lucid Laces feel the importance in discussing and reflecting on topics to plant a seed of curiosity to continue the conversation with each other, to seek support or even to heal.

Last month was a monumental in bringing awareness around mental well being and what it means to us. While mental health topics may be seen as sticky subjects and can create discomfort, we encourage you to join us in leaning in on those feelings and being curious. Something I read recently said something along the lines of, “if you have feelings about a topic, it came from your family.” That blew my mind because once I started to look at triggering scenarios and the tough emotions surrounding them, I realized that this is true. Growing up, you are taught coping behaviors (whether intentional or not), how to interact with others, how to give and receive love and how to accept yourself and others. 

If any of this resonates with you and you are curious for more, let's dive into some additional resources we’re utilizing to check in with our own mental well-being!

Some things we are reading: “Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents”

This book is a doozy but eye opening. It defines some traits and terminology that can put us at ease when thinking that we are the cause for some of the uncomfortable feelings or relationships in our lives. Once these things are recognized, it walks us through to what to do about the challenging relationships in our lives with a focus and priority on self.

Some journal prompts/exercises:

  • What have you learned about yourself this month?

  • AK: Last month I learned how beneficial it is to step back from the rigamaroll of life, the internet, skating, work, family and all the things. Recognizing this contributes to resiliency and is a focus for this month.

  • Drella: I have learned that burying traumas will do nothing but cause harm down the line. This month I want to focus on not pushing down my traumas, but to embrace them. To have an actual moment of hurt, and be able to sit with it without saying everything I can do differently. No interuptions. 

  • Any advice for others around the topic of mental health and self care?

  • AK: For such a topic that has been stigmatized for so long, I would suggest anyone who is curious about changing their emotional state or learning more about self-regulation or reflection to start researching and getting familiar with some of those emotions. See Feelings Chart. This helps in identifying how some of my upbringing has shaped my thoughts, reactions and experiences. Seek support, whether that’s a Reddit group, in person or virtual support meeting, chat with a friend if you just need someone to listen and not provide a solution. I think these are all great starts to taking control of our own well-being rather than succumbing to what society thinks we should do with our emotions and trauma.

  • Drella: advice is hard. I remember when I was going through my hardest time of life, 16 years old and any “advice” I heard pissed me off. I currently think about this during my healing process and I remind myself that I am here. To a person in a dark space right now, the advice I’d give is try to think of the good things. (In a different way) . Try small things, like- “my lungs are helping me breathe, my skin is my shield, I can see out of both my eyes” until you can get to a point where you can say, every hard day where I thought I couldn’t anymore- was wrong. Everyday has been a fight and I am winning”. Self care is being grounded with yourself and breathing. The best thing we got! 

This concludes our Mental Health Awareness Month Reflection. Thank you to Drella for being so open to sharing with our community.

Feel free to journal on your own or leave a question or comment if anything has resonated with you! We look forward to seeing you on the wood!

Stay Lucid <3


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