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Exploring the Creative Minds of Lucid Laces: Angelique & Drella

Lucid Laces make skating fun again

Hello skate fam!

We are back with another Lucid Laces blog for you all!

As a small, women-run business, we wanted to take the time to connect and provide a little insight into who we are as individuals, as a team and as roller skaters!

Read on for more and feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments!

What is a skate habit you’re trying to break?

  • Angelique: "I need to stop ignoring the beat by slowing down, listening and then flowing, lol."

  • Drella: “Stop looking down, listen to music and flow with it instead of overthinking my next move.”

What are you working on?

  • Angelique: "I have been working on backwards JB, slow sets and thinking about pivots."

  • Drella: “When I am not working on crazy legs and locks, I am working on freestyling and remembering JB combos.”

What laces are you wearing?

  • Angelique: "I am currently wearing 96" Cobalt and I wrap 2 times."

  • Drella: “I am currently wearing 96" Goldenrod and I wrap 3 times”

What inspires you as a small business?

  • Angelique: "Honestly, what keeps me going is the joy of creating a product that other people find functional but also allows them to express their skate style. My DIY background is woven throughout Lucid Laces. It's a weird joy being able to say that every single pair of laces went through my hands. Drella is currently training in Lucid Lace-making."

  • Drella: "To be able to fill a need for the community, to be accessible for beginners skaters, for example, who are learning to loosening their nuts off their wheels so the wheels actually spin. People don’t know that."

What advice do you have for new skaters?

  • Angelique: "Just skate and have fun! This is probably why you started in the first place, right? There are so many things to work on like footwork or musicality so keep a fresh outlook because the learning never ends and it's all about the journey along the way!"

  • Drella: “Move at your own pace, social media creates this competition and I want new skaters to know that everything is based on their own timeline, not to compare themselves to other skaters. Let’s say for instance a friend and you are working on the same move like crazy legs together and you’re not picking it up as quick as you’d like, don’t get frustrated, just keep going and everyone’s journey is different.

Long term goals?

  • Angelique: "I want to keep pushing forward mental health awareness and education for the community in the hopes of having challenging conversations by creating a safe space to do so. Manifesting our own space in the future as well!"

  • Drella: "Shop, studio space, safe space for community, lucid skate shops and skate lounge. It would be an honor to be a pillar in the community and provide a safe space. Tea station, coffee, water dispenser."

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us!

Is there anything that came to mind during this post? Post in the comments any questions would you ask us and keep up with us on socials!


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