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How we got here...

Established in Chicago the summer of 2022, Lucid Laces started out as a DIY project to create laces on an as-needed basis solely for Angelique. At that time, this was an 85", orange, reflective pair that could withstand the wear and tear from frequent skating. With limited options, lengths and colors, she set out to hand-assemble a quality pair of laces that can be customize to your skate style. Our main goal is to share our love for skating and give you the ability to customize your skates to best showcase your skate style.

In September 2022, Drella joined the team as our social media manager and leads skater outreach.

Each pair of laces is meticulously measured, cut and hand-assembled to ensure a superior quality product. Lucid Laces is thrilled to stand by our brand and that we've happily tested our products and will continue to do so to keep offering our best to you. We pride ourselves on the time we take to make sure each pair of laces is a reflection of our quality standards so all you have to worry about is lacing up and enjoying your next skate session.

Custom Skate Laces by Lucid Laces


Hello there! My name is Angelique, full-time security project manager, owner and maker of Lucid Laces.


I grew up roller skating in Chicago, IL and Fleetwood Roller Rink is my home rink. Their Tuesday night session is what brought Drella and I together at the beginning of our skate journeys. I primarily skate JB and freestyle since November 2020.

What I loved about skating when I first started:

I loved getting lost in learning the craft, drilling 'til the cows come home' and being able to use it as a moving meditation. 


What I love about skating now:

I had no idea what was in store for me at the time but being a part of the Chicago skate community is special. Exploring different styles, locations and rinks is exciting and alluring. I was lucky enough to find a culture that is so rich in skating history, here in Chicago. 


What I would like to accomplish:

I would like to put the Lucid Laces brand to work to help make a positive impact in the community.


We launched our After the Storm campaign with Hope for the Day in Feb. 2023. 


For more info on our partnership with Hope for the Day, click here.



Hello! My name is Drella and I am the content and brand manager for Lucid Laces! I started my skate journey in 2020 as covid hit and began skating at the skate parks. The excitement of the ramps and being welcome into this community ultimately chose my fate in realizing that skating will be incorporated in my day to day life.


I began rink skating in the fall of 2021 where I learned about and fell in love with JB culture. I then decided to challenge myself and skate everyday for a year which has helped me progress as a skater greatly and get involved with the skate community at a close, intimate level.


I am very passionate about making sure everyone around me can feel the love that I feel for my skates. I am honored to be working with Angelique and Lucid Laces! 

Roller Skate Laces that Rock!
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