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Lucid Laces Kicks Off Mental Health Awareness Month with Hope for the Day Re-Launch!

Updated: May 1

It's ok not to be ok
Hope for the Day

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Let's kick-off year 2 of our partnership with Hope for the Day with a recap!


  • We launched this campaign 2/2023 and set out to reach a $600 goal where 100% of proceeds of the sale of this colorway went to their mission and organization

  • We surpassed this goal 8 months later.

  • As a small business, we are packing a big punch and was able to find a 30% match through Angelique's workplace Gives Back program.

A personal tidbit about mental health awareness and why it matters:

Angelique: "In addition to my own, I’ve found myself on a whole other mental health journey where I felt like I had nowhere to turn, ask questions or find support in regards to care of my mother with dementia. 

Shout out to all the family caregivers out there. Your mental health matters and is a huge priority! How can you fill up another cup if yours is empty? There are resources out there to help and maybe in the future we can get into further details on where to start if that’s helpful. 

At I searched "dementia" in the search bar and surprisingly a lot of resources that I hadn’t seen before that typically populate via the Medicare/Medicaid, local and government-funded services so that gave me some hope on how to move forward putting an emphasis on checking in with our own well being in addition to loved ones."


Almost a year and a half later, we are here to give you an update that we’ve doubled that goal and hit $1,264!

With your help through purchases of our "After the Storm" reflective grey laces, we’ve been able to contribute:

  • 5 resource kits for an entire school -or-

  • 9 free community mental health ed workshops + free individual licenses for their e-learning workshop

With your purchase of After the Storm, you will receive:

  • Custom length laces

  • Resources

    • "How to Ask for Help"

    • "Understanding non-suicidal self injury"

    • "How to be supportive"

    • "It’s ok not to be ok" sticker

    • "It's ok not to be ok" bracelet

Resource Links:

Thank you all for having these conversations with us and we thank you for all your support since we started our Lucid journey! Feel free to let us know why mental health matters to you in the comments.

You can purchase "After the Storm" here.

Stay Lucid <3


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