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Looking back with Lucid Laces

Hello skate fam!

It's been almost 90 days since the beginning of the year and it has Angelique and Drella looking back.

Here are a few questions we discussed at a Lucid Laces meeting regarding reflection, self-introspection and growth mindset.

Looking back at last year...

What did you change your mind on?

  • Angelique: They always say hindsight is 20/20, right? I changed my outlook on external expectations and was humbled by that big skate energy. As an introvert, I took expectations placed on me exceptionally hard. Once I started to check in and listen to my intuition, I realized I was upholding someone else’s agenda and not mine. This brought me back to why I skate and why I love it. That’s what matters.

  • Drella: What I changed within the last year is prioritizing my skate list. I was adamant on doing something everyday but that equated to burn out. I started to listen to my body and started resting more.

What gave you energy? This could be an activity, event, person, conversation. 

  • Angelique: Surrounding myself with like-minded individuals also searching for the balance between joy and self-care. The realization that connection and support are so important to humans and striving to build that within the community and relationships we maintain has been energizing.

  • Drella: My business partner instilled energy in me and the will to actually get my shit together. Examples of this are being disciplined with organization and in regards to the skate world, the community gave me energy through practicing a new trick or allowing someone to show me something new.

What did you not do out of fear?

  • Angelique: Oof...I chose not to speak my truth on something that was not what it seemed from the outside. Rather than asking clarifying questions or pushing for more accountability, I removed myself from the situation to balance my mind.

  • Drella: I chose not to speak up on something that was bothering me and the people around me and instead simply walked away.

What did you learn?

  • Angelique: I learned about the power of gratitude and abundance. You create your own reality and if you are doing your best, only your approval and acceptance is necessary.

  • Drella: I learned that new endeavors are scary and they're always going to be scary when you are comfortable. The goal is to do things that terrify you because you never know, they may open new doors afterwards.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check in and be curious with us.

Do any of these questions resonate with you? We'd love to continue the discussion so feel free to loop in some pals!

Stay Lucid, skate fam!


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