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2nd Annual Roll'n Renegade roller skate party - Chicago

This weekend was Chicago's 2nd Annual Roll'n Renegade skate party hosted by epic JB skate groups Steady Roll'n and JB Renegade. It's amazing to see the city show up for each other despite representing other skate groups! Chicago's roller skate culture is something special! From the music, to the community to the skaters and lastly to the weather, all factors produced an epic celebration. What an honor to be able to witness, be a part of and celebrate Chicago JB skate culture in the best skate city.

For those who are curious about JB culture, we encourage you to visit the city, check out a few of the rinks (you can skate every single night of the week here, legit) and take a few lessons to immerse yourself in the foundations and footwork.

Stay updated on socials with Steady Roll'n, JB Renegade or join us next year for the 3rd annual Roll'n Renegade.

Leave a comment with your thoughts or send over any questions we can help answer!

Hope to see you all there!


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