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***please allow 3-5 extra business days as these are custom made to order in addition to shipping time chosen***


Step into a world of custom, roller skate lates! Lucid Laces duo-tone have custom length, two-in-one woven laces and you won't go back to regular, single color, flat laces! 


Key Features:

  • Mesmerizing Glow: Be seen in the dark and stand out in any crowd! Our custom reflective roller skate laces emit a captivating, reflective glow that adds an electrifying element to your footwear.
  • Variety of Colors: Lucid Laces come in a rainbow of colors to match your unique style and expression. Mix & Match available for endless combinations!
  • Durability: Crafted from premium materials, Lucid Laces roller skate laces are built to withstand the wear and tear without sacrificing style for quality. You choose two colors and they are woven into each other by hand thus creating a super strong and durable lace!
  • Tailored Fit: With custom length options, you can get that perfect, snug, secure fit. Duo-tone laces are a great way to customize your roller skate setup using 2 colors in each lace.


Join the Lucid Laces revolution and turn your custom roller skate setup into your very own canvas of creativity! Let your creativity speak for itself and start brainstorming your color combos! We always love to see the creations you come up with!


Our "standard" size is the 96" inch. If you have an advanced boot with more eyelets or a male boot, please consider sizing up. Check out lace sizing and we can ensure you get the size you need!


***This listing is for one complete pair of (2) laces, for both skates with two colors in each lace. Custom roller skate laces are made to order, please allow extra time for completion.

Duo Tone Reflective - 2 Colors in 1 Lace - Custom Length and Colors

PriceFrom $26.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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