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We are excited to launch our 2nd ever campaign !!! with Coffee Hip Hop and Mental Health!


We are offering this reflective roller skate bundle to raise awareness and funds for this local Chicago organization whose organization color is green and the Mix & Match pair is Lucid's take on what CHHAMH looks like in skate version!


With this bundle, (choose your length):

  • 1 pair of Forest Green
  • 1 pair of Mix & Match Goldenrod + Mocha


Our "standard" size is the 96" inch. They should fit beginner to intermediate skates. If you have an advanced boot with more eyelets or a male boot, please consider sizing up. Reach out with any questions and we can ensure you get the size you need!


CHHAMH purpose:

Christopher LeMark (founder): “Our priority is to educate, and remove the financial, systematic and emotional barriers to make therapy more accessible for the black communities of Chicago.”


A little bit about CHHAMH:

  • Coffee Shop Model: pay what you choose, donate to their free cup of coffee Fridays for those who need it

    • Coffee shop and various donations fund group and individual therapy sessions throughout the week

  • CHHAMH University: 

    • Free therapy program which aims to remove the financial, systemic and emotional barriers to help make therapy more easily accessible for the Black residents of Chicago.

    • This scholarship is intended for those who may not otherwise be able to meet the costs of therapy on their own. With our Partial Scholarship program, you will receive 20 free therapy sessions with one of our trusted licensed therapist partners which is 5 months of therapy and costs the organization $2,000 per individual

      • Currently 110 individuals are in their free therapy program

      • Enrollment is closed for this year but will reopen Jan. 2024


CHHAMH Resources:


100% proceeds from the sale of this bundle will be going to Coffee, Hip Hop and Mental Health. Our goal is to raise awareness for their organization and assist in reaching their goal of $250,000 by the end of THIS year! 


These funds go toward their purpose of making individual and group therapy accessible to the black communities of Chicago.

Mix & Match + Emerald Green Bundle - 100% proceeds go to CHHAMH

Excluding Sales Tax
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