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We are excited to launch "After the Storm" which is a charcoal grey, reflective lace. [If you are looking for resources, the help you deserve is closer than you think. Here for more info:]


Our "standard" size is the 96" inch. If you have an advanced boot with more eyelets or a male boot, please consider sizing up. Check out lace sizing and we can ensure you get the size you need!


This listing is for one complete pair of (2) laces, 1 for each skate. (1 lace for each skate = a total of 2 laces with metal tips).


All proceeds from this sale will be going to Hope for the Day. Our goal is so donate $600+ and with each order, you will receive resources you can reach out to, wrist bands with their message, "It's ok not to be ok" which reminds us to work to shatter the silence around our mental health.


Purpose and Partnership:

Because everyone has a story and an experience, that if shared, could potentially help someone else, we are partnering with HFTD.


Hope for the Day (H.F.T.D) is a non-profit movement empowering the conversation on proactive suicide prevention and mental health education. Through outreach, education, and action, we can equip people with the right tools to be proactive in their communities. Together, we can break the silence around mental health.


In 2022 HFTD:

  • Educated 3,380 individuals and spent 162.5 hours teaching
  • Distributed 121,000 physical resources and had 54 community outreach events in 6 different states


These funds go toward education, awareness and suicide prevention. So let’s breakdown what that means:

  • $10: gives 1 individual access to the online HFTD training
  • $50: covers the cost of resources to a whole classroom
  • $130: covers the cost of 1 free community mental health education workshop
  • $250: covers sending a complete resource kit to a whole entire school


HFTD received and Illinois State Board of Education Community Partnership Grant, where they can now offer our education programming and outreach experiences for free to all Illinois schools (grades 7-12)!


For more info, resources or support, visit &

After the Storm - all proceeds go to Hope for the Day

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Excluding Sales Tax
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