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Update: Lucid Laces roller skate lace X Coffee, Hip Hop & Mental Health Campaign

Yellow Walk for Suicide Prevention
Coffee, Hop Hop & Mental Health Yellow Walk

We wanted to provide an update to you all on our campaign with Coffee, Hip Hop & Mental Health, a local Chicago organization that is raising awareness about mental health and providing individual and group therapy initiatives through their coffee shop! (Donate)

We launched this custom roller skate lace bundle (pictured below) in November of 2023 and have already raised $400 for their organization toward their free therapy program! This breaks down to 4 free hours of therapy.

  • Total Active Therapists: 23

  • Total Active Clients: 67

  • Amount Owed: $16,785.00

  • Overall Program Spent: $33,310.00  

Roller skate lace bundle pair
LL X CHHAMH Roller skate lace bundle

We found CHHAMH at the best time after being informed by a Lucid Laces roller skate lace brand ambassador in California, Andy Ma! So we attended a few of their women's group therapy sessions. They even offered a group therapy for entrepreneurs which was so helpful!

We were curious what others thought and asked for skater feedback: "What does roller skating mean to you?"

The answer we heard back the most was, "Skating is my therapy."

This deeply resonates with us which keeps us showing up for the love of skating. We thought these ideas could merge; our love for roller skating and bringing awareness to prioritizing our mental health.

You can support Coffee, Hip Hop & Mental Health by donating to their organization. Keep up with them on Instagram to keep showing them love

Check out the Lucid Laces bundle here!


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